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Attic Insulation Contractors

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Inspection, Installation, Removal, Sanitizing, Mold Removal

Looking to add to your home’s comfort - and reduce energy bills - by adding or replacing insulation?  You have come to the right place!  Environmental provides free home insulation inspections throughout VA, MD and WVA. We are in customers’ attics on a daily basis. We are both insulation removal - installation contractors and attic mold control experts.  Environmental will upgrade or replace your attic insulation using fiberglass rolls, batts or blown-in insulation.  We will also identify and remediate any mold or ventilation issues and sanitize the attic. .
  • Insulation top off services
  • Free insulation inspections & estimates
  • Attic ventilation assessment
  • Blown-in and batt & rolled insulation installation

Attic Insulation FAQ's

What areas do you service?

We have facilities in Virginia and Maryland and service the entire metro DC area. Please click here to see our service area by specific county, city and town.

How much insulation should I have in my attic?

It depends on where you live and what comfort level you are looking for. In Maryland and Virginia, the recommended minimum R-value is R38 for attics. To learn more, check out the Department of Energy’s guide to insulation:  Guide To Insulation

Do I have to remove my existing attic insulation before installing new insulation?

No, unless a mold or pest infestation issue if found. A big benefit of blown-in insulation is that it can be blown on top of existing insulation in your home, saving you money by utilizing what is already there. The only reason we would recommend removing existing insulation is if it has been contaminated by mold or feces from mice, bats, or other wildlife.

What's your process for fixing my attic and insulation if I have a mold issue?

  • Remove contaminated insulation including any mold in drywall
  • Chemical Treatment #1 – Mold & Stain Removal
    a. -  Ingredients break down into safe, biodegradable by-products
  • Chemical Treatment #2 – Remediation & Protection
    a. EPA-registered for hard surface and fabric applications
    - Single solution remediates and prevents mold
    - No bleach, ammonia or VOCs
    - Requires zero isolation time and has no odor
  • Install new attic insulation, R-38

What are the benefits of adding more insulation in the attic?

Energy savings through lower heating and A/C bills. Homes in the Mid-Atlantic can save up to 17% on energy costs with proper insulation according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Poorly insulated attics will allow hot air from attics in the summer to warm your home which makes your A/C run more. Conversely, in the winter, heat will escape from your home up through the attic making your heating system run more.  Properly insulated attics are one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient and save money on your utility bills.

How much does it cost to insulate an attic?

There is a cost to remove existing insulation and to install new.  Every job is different.  However, the cost to install R-38 (minimum requirement in the mid-Atlantic) blown-in insulation ranges between $2.50- $3.50 per square foot.  Removal of any existing insulation would be extra.  Blown-in insulation is the least expensive option for re-insulating older attics especially if there is already existing insulation that can be utilized.

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